Parents as Teachers – The Future of Education

In the next four years, more than 100,000 children will go to school across the country.That’s more than double the number of children going to school in 2007.However, the education system has a long way to go to meet the needs of the country’s poorest families.As per data from the National Sample Survey Organisation, only […]

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FOX Sports: The Biggest Upsets in College Football’s College Football Playoff Coverage

The Big Ten’s top five teams were the top three in total offense (7.3 yards per play), passing (2.8 yards per attempt), and total defense (5.3), according to Football Outsiders.Michigan State had the No. 1 rushing offense, No. 2 passing offense, and No. 4 total defense.The Spartans’ defense was No. 7 in the country in […]

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Parents portal Ecisd offers online parenting classes for students in need

A mother-to-be has launched a portal for parents to learn about child development and parenting from a different perspective, with parents from different backgrounds.Zayn Malik is an Australian-born Canadian actress who stars in the hit television series The Girlfriend Experience.Her first series, The Groucho Marx Show, ran for five seasons on Comedy Central from 2010 […]

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How a family could use ‘family choice’ to teach children about diversity

Parents and teachers could use “family choice wipes” to teach their children about multiculturalism and diversity in schools.The wipes could be used to mark class time, or on weekends to help teachers remember who is from a particular background.The idea is to allow teachers to show their children who is part of a community they […]

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