Why are there no ads for Trump’s hotel?

We can only speculate about why the president hasn’t spent much time on the campaign trail.

The Trump Organization, after all, was founded by his son, Eric, and his daughter, Ivanka.

Trump’s aides have tried to limit public exposure to his presidency by keeping his son in charge of the White House, though that hasn’t worked.

And Trump’s political aides are working to promote his candidacy in the same way that they do for other politicians, with little attention paid to how he’s spent his time in office.

I’ve watched the political landscape shift, but it hasn’t changed the fact that Trump has spent more time on Twitter than any other president.

The president has more than 13 million followers on Twitter, and he’s followed more than 2.4 million other people.

This has meant that Trump can spend a lot of time responding to negative stories about him or his administration, which has meant a great deal more attention to the news than his predecessors, including George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Trump has even tried to turn Twitter into a media outlet.

In December, he tweeted a link to a story from Politico headlined, “The President’s Twitter Account Is Getting Huge Coverage on Fox News.”

Trump’s first major TV ad campaign, in May, was built around his claim that the “failing New York Times” was biased against him.

Trump said the network had attacked his administration “from the inside” by comparing him to “an enemy of the state.”

He said the paper “lied, the media lied and the Washington Post lied.”

The ad also included an image of a man wearing a shirt that read, “Make America Great Again!”

In the ad, Trump was talking about his claim.

“It’s true, we can’t beat the Times anymore,” he said.

“The New York people have got to stand up and say, ‘Enough.


We are fed up.'”

Trump has used Twitter to push his message since he took office, and it’s not clear how much of the attention the president has paid to his social media accounts has been focused on his presidency.

During the 2016 campaign, the president’s aides began airing ads on cable news shows and radio, but the president had limited control over when the ads aired and when they aired on networks that did air them.

In the months after the election, the White Houses press office was inundated with calls and emails about Trump’s tweets, according to a source familiar with the situation.

And even though Trump has made the media a major focus of his presidency, he has yet to engage in any serious debate on how best to use his influence to help shape the direction of the country.

In the past, the Trump administration has tried to focus on issues like gun control, immigration and the economy, but they’ve mostly been unsuccessful, according a White House official.

As the presidency has progressed, Trump has also focused on building up his brand, making himself more famous and giving himself a sense of relevance.

He used the presidential campaign to build up his company, Trump Tower, by hiring celebrity managers and buying properties in Manhattan.

His wife, Melania, has tried unsuccessfully to make herself a star in the arts, even appearing in a film with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Trump also recently began paying his advisers to travel to overseas countries, including Japan and South Korea, to promote the president.

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