When did Hollywood become so anti-gay?

A few weeks ago, Kamala Harris, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, issued a statement saying, “We are not going to sit by while a person like Kamala Harris, who is in a position to help millions of Americans, is denied the opportunity to be part of the American family.”

This week, Hollywood director Leonardo DiCaprio, a friend of the actor, issued an open letter in which he called out the president for “trying to redefine the family” and claimed that he and his wife were “totally opposed to gay marriage” and that his “family” is “completely in sync with America.”

The Hollywood Reporter noted that, “DiCaprio has also said that he is not in favor of allowing gay couples to adopt, and that he plans to adopt two adopted children.”

But DiCapio is hardly the only Hollywood celebrity who’s spoken out against the new anti-LGBT laws.

Here’s what the big names have said.


Leonardo DiCarlo and Kamala: DiCaprios letter to the president The Italian director said that, although he was a lifelong supporter of same-sex marriage, he felt that it was “time for the president to stop being so anti LGBT and to start living up to the values he says he’s trying to defend.”

He continued, “The world is going through an economic crisis and we need to stop making excuses for it.”

In a recent interview, DiCapro said that Hollywood was “going to have to start working on being the gay capital of the world.”


Tom Cruise: DiCarlos letter to Trump The former “Mission Impossible” actor also spoke out against President Trump, calling him “ignorant, arrogant and a bigot.”

“I think he thinks he can get away with everything that he does,” he said.

“He has absolutely no regard for human life, human dignity, human decency, human rights.

He doesn’t have the moral fiber, the ability to understand how human beings are different from each other, and he doesn’t care about the people he’s harming.”


Mark Ruffalo: DiCarpo and Ruffalo signed an open statement last week in which they called out “hate and prejudice” and warned that the new laws will “cause us all to suffer and leave our children behind.”

“As an actor, as an American, I have a responsibility to stand up for the rights of every human being.

As an American I have an obligation to speak out and speak out loud about the hateful policies of the Trump administration that will destroy families, destroy our nation, destroy us,” Ruffalo said.


Charlie Sheen: Sheen also issued a strongly worded statement last Friday calling for a repeal of the laws.

“We stand in solidarity with the people of Texas and the entire LGBT community.

I hope and pray that the president will act on the advice of his advisors and the United States Congress, which passed the new legislation last year,” he wrote.

“In my opinion, this is not a fight about the gay or lesbian community; this is a fight over what we all should be allowed to have, what we deserve, what is the most compassionate way to treat each other.”


Ben Affleck: Affleck said in a statement to Variety last week that he “opposed” the new bill and that it “does not reflect the values that I hold dear.”

“In light of the new discriminatory legislation that is now being signed into law, I feel compelled to issue a statement,” Affleck continued.

“As a father and husband, I am deeply concerned by this law and the effect it is having on the families that I love.”


And I just hope it is stopped and it will never be allowed. “

I’m not opposed to it, but it is wrong.

Justin Bieber: The Canadian pop singer also weighed in, tweeting last week: “The United States needs to repeal the hate and bigotry in our society. “


Justin Bieber: The Canadian pop singer also weighed in, tweeting last week: “The United States needs to repeal the hate and bigotry in our society.

I stand with the LGBTQ community in this fight and support them.


“It also violates our own values of equality and diversity and it must be overturned.” “

This legislation violates human rights and is harmful to the most vulnerable, especially children,” the statement read.

“It also violates our own values of equality and diversity and it must be overturned.”


Russell Simmons: Simmons said in the same interview with Variety that the legislation “violates our core values and is unacceptable in any society.

We are here to fight

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