When your child gets cancer, you may not know how to care

A child’s life can change at any moment, so it’s important to know how your child is faring.

But there are some things you can do to make sure your child doesn’t end up in the hospital or in the intensive care unit.

Here are some tips to keep your child safe.


Understand the diagnosis There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for diagnosing your child’s cancer.

But one thing you can know for sure is that it’s likely to be cancer.

Cancer diagnosis can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

You can check on your child from time to time to make certain they’re healthy and have all the required tests.

If your child isn’t doing well, you can call 911 and get help immediately.


Understand how long it will take your child to recover from their cancer diagnosis The longer it takes your child with cancer to recover, the more expensive it is to treat their symptoms.

It can be difficult to know exactly how long your child will need to be hospitalized.

This is why it’s especially important to get to know your child, how well they’re doing and what’s expected of them.


Keep a watchful eye on your children’s behavior to make your decision on whether or not to send them home to be cared for.

If you’re worried about your child not being able to interact with their peers and other family members, you need to take steps to make them feel safe.

Parents should be prepared to make their child’s first few weeks home a special time for them.

This means keeping them busy with activities like play, reading, socializing and exercising.


Make sure your home is safe and secure The best way to make the most of a child’s time away from home is to make it safe and well-maintained.

Make certain your home has good ventilation and air conditioning, a window, a lock and good-quality locks.

Your child’s primary caregiver should be able to walk into the room and check on them.

If they can’t do this, the family can make a note of it and send it to the primary care provider for further investigation.

Your home can be your baby’s only place to play, so make sure that you have a place for them to go when they’re not around.


Stay up-to-date on your loved ones’ condition Your child is your life and your child should always be your priority.

Your loved ones will need your full attention as they are battling cancer, and keeping your child informed about the condition of your loved one is key to keeping them safe and stable.

The best place to find out what’s going on with your loved-one is the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s website.


Get a new phone number for your child if you need help getting them out of the hospital The best time to ask your child for help with getting them home is the day they’re diagnosed.

If a family member or loved one needs to leave the hospital, it’s very important that you ask for them back, especially if they are young and unable to communicate.


Make the most out of every moment If you need your child back immediately, you should plan ahead and get a new cellphone number for them immediately.

If it’s a busy time and you don’t have enough time to get them on their cellphones, make sure you schedule another appointment with your child.

It’s important that your child knows you are willing to help them get back to school, work, etc. and that you are prepared to keep them on schedule, even if it means it will be a long time.


Take time to enjoy your time with your family and friends The most important thing you do with your time away is spend time with family and with friends.

They’ll be able not only to watch your child but also your own children grow up and the new faces in your life.


Make your child your own caregiver for as long as you need Your child will love you for being there for them and will know that you’re there for your baby.

Make a special plan with your baby so they know you’re available when they need you most.


Get them back to their favorite activities, school and activities they love If you don, they’ll love playing with you and having fun with you, whether it’s by yourself or with others.

Your children may want to spend time at a park, in a playground, or with friends they’ve known all their lives.

They will want to join in on the games and activities your child has been enjoying.

If there’s a particular activity that you’ve been missing, give your child the chance to make something special out of it.

For example, you could arrange for a family to bring a baby carriage to ride in the carousel, or have a group of friends

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