How to be a better leader with children

Parents and grandparents have been criticised for the behaviour of their children in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, but it turns out there are ways to make it easier for the kids to be leaders.

The ABC’s Good Morning Australia program spoke to a number of parents about their strategies to keep their kids safe and encouraged them to take the time to find out what makes their children tick.

The program was filmed in Sarasota in Victoria and will be broadcast on ABC News 24 on Monday, November 14 at 10.15am.ABC Children’s Services director of policy and operations Helen Wills said that while she couldn’t guarantee the safety of the children in this segment, her team had “been very busy trying to ensure that parents and grandparents were not being isolated, so they were able to keep the family together”.

“There are some challenges in working with these families because they are a very young group, they are not used to the pressures that you would normally have to put on families in a situation like this,” she said.

“Some of them are very young, and I think we need to make sure that we do give them some space to be able to get through that first few weeks.”

We know that we have got some very good people at our disposal in terms of our staff and our support services.

“Wills said she and the team had been “very fortunate” to have the resources to work with the families to make the transition to more supportive settings.”

I think it is really important that we take a very hard look at the parents, and they need to be really, really careful about what they are doing,” she added.

Parents and grandparents need to keep family and community together to make a transition to a more caring environment for their children.


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