Which Is Better for Your Child’s Mental Health? | How Parents Connect with Their Kids

The parents of a 10-year-old boy with autism and a 12-year old girl with ADHD are both sharing their stories in a new book, How Parents Talk with Their Children, which includes the stories of five parents with kids with special needs.

The book is about the many challenges that parents have dealing with the challenges of parenting their kids.

The mother of the boy with ADHD, Amanda Seay, told ABC News that it was very difficult for her to connect with her son.

She said she was constantly on edge, and that he was always in his own world.

“When he was in his school he would be doing homework and the teacher would say ‘hey, there’s a child here with autism’ and he’d say ‘oh, no, there isn’t, I just need help,’ ” Seay said.

Seay says that in addition to the anxiety, the child’s behavior was very different. “

When I was trying to connect, I was so nervous and I was afraid he might be hurt and that I’d lose him.”

Seay says that in addition to the anxiety, the child’s behavior was very different.

“One day he would say something and I would be like ‘that’s not good, that’s not nice, that wasn’t good, I want you to stop,’ and then he would go off and play, and then I would look at him and he would look back at me and I’d go, ‘yeah, that was okay, I’ll keep doing that.'”

For her son, Seay was also concerned about his communication with others.

“I was worried about him when he was around the other kids, I would think, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know how to tell them how to do things or what to do,'” she said.

The story of how parents can connect with their children with special abilities and learn to accept their own fears and challenges, is also featured in the book.

Seay and her husband, Jason Seay were looking to help their son get through school and after many weeks of trying, they found that they were able to find the answers.

“They were really just able to listen, and it was like, wow, he’s a special kid and it’s just such a gift,” Seay recalled.

“It just felt like a very, very good thing.”

Seays son is now in Grade 5.

“We can do this together, I can just sit and listen and just get my son through,” Seays husband said.

He said that the family was in shock when they learned that their son had autism.

“To see this child with autism, he has a disability that makes it difficult for him to communicate and understand.

It’s really difficult, especially for a child like this to have to listen to a parent with autism talk about things.”

How parents can find ways to connect is also an issue for many parents with special-needs children, with many children in these families having difficulty communicating.

In a recent study, Dr. Katherine Tummino of the University of Florida found that parents who talked to their children more often about their fears, thoughts, and worries were more likely to have a child who would be able to understand their emotions and problems.

The study also found that those who had a better relationship with their kids and a more positive, supportive relationship with them were more successful at communicating their fears and needs.

For the Seays, that meant they would try to connect when they could.

“You know what, if I could have a little bit more of a voice in my son’s life, we would be okay,” Sees said.

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