What happens when you send a selfie of your kids to a mom who isn’t your mom

Emily Barrymore’s mom has a ton of kids.

The actress is raising five of them in New York, and her Instagram account includes a series of pictures of her kids hanging out with her dad.

She says she likes to give her kids pictures of themselves because it gives them a sense of belonging.

But that can be hard for parents to get used to.

“I get really upset when my kids send pictures of them with me,” Barrymore says.

“It makes me feel like they’re not actually my kids.”

So, she’s been taking them with her mom.

“Sometimes, when I get upset, I can just kind of pretend it’s my mom,” she says.

Sometimes, she also wants to send her kids to see her mom’s family.

“But I know I’m not, so I don’t want to be the mom who sends her kids pics of them hanging out in my house.

That’s not really how it works,” she explains.

“When I sent my mom a picture of her, she said, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re really beautiful.

You’re beautiful.’

And I’m like, ‘You’re a beautiful woman!’

She said, and she’s like, and I was like, I don ‘t know what you’re talking about.”

Barrymore is actually a very proud mother, but the moment when she sends her children a picture with her has left her feeling really embarrassed.

“That’s kind of the thing I don’ think I want to get into,” she admits.

“You’re supposed to be proud of your children, but I’m kind of embarrassed for sending them a picture.”

Barrymores photo shows her daughters hanging out together, but it doesn’t reveal who is their mother.

Barrymore also sent her daughter a picture where her kids are both smiling at her.

But Barrymore was also really upset with her photo.

“Oh my god, that is my daughter smiling, that was just really really awful,” she recalls.

“And then I’m thinking, ‘This is embarrassing for my daughter, and it’s embarrassing for me to send this picture.’

So I’m just really upset.”

The mom’s Instagram account shows her daughter smiling at a friend.

But the image doesn’t show the mom, and when she sent the picture, she says it was edited so that the mother didn’t have a part of the photo.

Barrymore says she didn’t delete the edited image because she wanted her daughter to know that she didn’ t feel bad about it.

“My daughter is going to be like, whoa, this is embarrassing,” she tells Buzzfeed.

“So I’m going to make sure that she knows that, you know, I’m the person who sent that picture.”

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