Why I think co-parenting is the future of work

Co-parent your kids with a co-worker or parent of a child you’re currently raising.

It will help them develop the social skills that will allow them to thrive as adults.

And the benefits of this are huge.

As I wrote about in the past, a lot of parents have the tendency to be overly protective of their children when it comes to their job.

I think this is a problem.

If you think your job is safe, your kids will be free to pursue their own interests, and you’ll have more time to spend with them.

The good news is that a great number of parents are doing just that.

Co-Parenting.com has hundreds of parenting resources for parents, from books and courses to support groups and online forums.

These are the sites you need to check out.

If your co-workers are more than happy to be your friends, co-parents should be able to find a spot to share their life together, too.

There’s a reason you’ll see some parents with two kids on a shared-home shared-care home.

That’s a huge benefit to everyone involved.

But if you have to take a backseat, consider taking a more active role.

Take on the roles of a co parent, even if you’ve already been doing that for years.

This will teach your kids that they’re not alone.

And it will open up new avenues for communication and interaction.

The more active you are, the more valuable it will be to you.

The benefits to your kids from working with a parent you have more in common with will be worth it, too!

And even if your kids are not all that familiar with co-parenthood, they’ll grow up to have more understanding and empathy for each other.

Co Parenting.org has thousands of resources, and there are even articles on co-labor and co-work that explain why this is the right way to do it.

For more information, visit co-working.org.

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