Why you should be watching this story: Parents quiz Godly Parents

A few months ago, a new mom who was on her way to school one day noticed a strange thing in the window of her new school.

“I couldn’t tell what it was,” she says.

“It was the window in front of me, and it looked like it was closed.

I looked inside it and it was like a closed school window.”

The window was a gift from God.

“My God is in control of my life,” she explains.

And so, she says, she was going to keep it closed, and she wouldn’t open it.

“When you think about it, God can make you see that he has control over your life,” says mom Jessica Alba.

The window in question is in a high school in Colorado, and this mom has just started to teach her child that she can’t let her God in control her life.

But is it really?

“I think that it’s just because God wants us to know that we are all going to be OK,” says Jessica AlBA.

“That we are going to make it through this.”

Jessica’s mom is a Christian, and in the summer of 2015, she and her husband decided to open their first high school.

The Alba’s are not a Christian family, but their kids are, and they were determined to teach their kids how to be open and trusting.

It was about two years ago that the couple opened their first school, and now they’re the first ones to start the new school year.

How to teach a child to open up and trust God is a topic that’s been around for a while.

The idea is to teach children to have open hearts and open minds.

It’s something that most parents would agree with.

But what about parents who believe that God can’t help you?

What about the people who think God is going to judge and punish them?

Is there a good reason for these parents to keep their children closed and their windows closed, or is it because they believe God has the power to change their children?

“I think it’s kind of hard to have that conversation,” says Alba, who also happens to be a mom of two.

“There’s so much fear and anxiety in the world.

When I think about the fears that a lot of parents feel and the anxiety that I feel, I think I need to speak up.”

Jessica and her family believe that children can be taught to trust their God, to have faith, to love their parents, and to open themselves to the world around them.

“Children learn about the world from a young age.

When they are adults, they can become more sophisticated, and when they are young they are more open, and that’s where the fear comes from,” says Jess Alba.”

I think God can change you.

I think God knows who you are.

God knows where you are and what you’re doing.

But he doesn’t care about your politics, and he doesn and he won’t care if you don’t like his politics, because he loves you.”

And I don’t want my kids to feel that they can’t be open to other people. I don

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