When Madeleine McCann’s parents were confronted by Donald Trump, they ignored him

Madeleines McCann parents were subjected to a “hostile and hateful” campaign of lies by Donald Trumps campaign team during the 2016 US Presidential election, and their response to the media storm surrounding the case has been called “a complete failure” by a senior law enforcement official.

“They were not being forthcoming,” former US Attorney for New York Preet Bharara told Breitbart News.

“They weren’t responding to the questions.

They were not taking responsibility for themselves.

They weren’t answering the questions, and that’s what we were hearing from them.”

Bharara, a former assistant attorney general, also said that while Madeleiners parents were initially “in denial” about their daughter’s disappearance, they “never really gave up hope” of finding her alive.

“When the media started to focus on this case, they were going to ignore it,” he said.

“You’re going to have a very high degree of success if you go into it and you’re not going to let the public off the hook, and you don’t let the American people off the hooks, which is what we’re going with here.”

The media was “in disbelief,” said Bharara, who added that they were also “in shock” about the response of the parents’ family to the news of Madeleiner’s disappearance.

“It was very difficult for the family to get to grips with the fact that there was a media storm, that the media was out there, that people were being abusive, that they had no idea what was going on,” Bharara said.

The McCanns were contacted by media outlets, including The Washington Post, about the case.

However, the family was never contacted by the media, Bharara noted, adding that the McCanns never contacted the media to request a meeting with the US authorities.

“If you have someone that’s been in a position to go to a place like the White House and demand a meeting, then that’s the only way you can get that meeting,” he added.

“There were no meetings.

There were no calls to request the meeting.”

When The New York Times published an article detailing Madeleinemanns parents’ suspicions that their daughter was being held hostage in the attic of the McCann house, the parents immediately contacted the police, Bharage said.

“The parents did not respond to the request to contact the police,” he continued.

“The family was not in any position to ask the police.

The family never called the police.””

The fact that they would not have made that call, the fact they would have declined to contact law enforcement, is completely unacceptable.”

As a result, Bhararara said, the police were initially in disbelief about the McCann family’s “in-depth” investigation into the disappearance of their daughter.

“There were many times in the media that they seemed to be completely in denial,” he noted.

“I don’t know if the media knew it was going to be the case that the parents were in denial.

They never really got the details of the case, and they never really knew what was happening.”

The McCann family eventually “came to terms” with the case after their son, Madelein, and daughter, Madelyne, visited a friend in Florida.

“We were all on vacation, so it was very stressful,” Madeleina McCann said.”[The family] got to meet with a Florida lawyer who was very sympathetic to us and very helpful to us, and it became clear that the case was being investigated,” she continued.

“After that, we had a lot of support from friends and family, so the family came to terms with it.”BARARA: “The media were in disbelief”During his testimony, Bharack described the McCann’s response to a question about the police investigation into their daughters disappearance.”[Madeleine] didn’t even know about it,” Bhararac said.

“[Her parents] were in complete denial.”

“They had no knowledge whatsoever,” he told Breitbart.

“As soon as we heard about the investigation, we were in a state of disbelief.

I don’t even think we even understood the significance of the investigation until it was too late.”

What made us think that maybe the investigation was going in the right direction was the fact [that] the McCann were in Florida with their daughter,” he concluded.”

And the McCann and the McCann had nothing to do with the investigation.

There was no involvement of the family whatsoever.

“Bharnas testimony was made public on Thursday when he appeared before the House Judiciary Committee in an attempt to answer a question from Republican Representative Adam Schiff.”

You’ve never seen a case like this before in the United States of America,” Schiff told Bharara.”

Were you aware that the authorities in Florida had an active investigation in this case?

“The prosecutor then began answering the question directly.”

I don’s answer directly,” he responded.

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