What is a parent’s choice?

The world’s most strict parents, Jonas brothers parents and funny parenting memes have all revealed the most important things a parent can do when they want to have the best of both worlds.

The top 10 things a mom can do for her child:  1.

Tell them how to play, 2.

Don’t get angry with them, 3.

Be polite, 4.

Help them learn to read and understand the world around them, 5.

Make sure they are fed, 6.

Be the one who helps them make a cup of tea, 7.

Donate their lunch money to the food bank, 8.

Give them a hug, 9.

Be a loving father and husband and a good friend to your child, 10.

Be there for them when they need it, so they can have a good time.

Jonas brothers dad was adamant he wanted his son to be happy.

He said: “The biggest thing for me is to be there for my son and to be the father of him.

He needs it.

If I don’t be there, then he’s going to feel alienated from his life.

He’s going do the same thing.

So being there for him and being the parent of him is important to me.”

Jonas, who has been on the autism spectrum since he was a toddler, said that he was given a hard time in life by his family, particularly his parents.

Jonah, who was diagnosed with autism at age six, has autism and ADHD.

His mum, Karen, said: ‘My dad was a great man, but he had a temper.

He’d do something and he’d be mad.

He had a way of putting on a big act and saying, ‘I’m not like that!

I’m not that!’

“He said he was very protective of his mum, who is also autistic, but not aggressive.

Karen added: ‘I was so protective of my son, and I did try to give him a good life.

I would tell him, ‘Your mommy loves you, but she’s not going to let you be a child molester.”

It was a difficult time for him, and he really struggled to cope with it, and it was very hard for him to learn to live his life.’

When I came back from school, my brother and I would go out and do the things that we did when I wasn’t around. “

He was always a very strong person, and when I was there, he was really good,” she said.

“When I came back from school, my brother and I would go out and do the things that we did when I wasn’t around.

I used to play with him.

I’d have him walk on the roof, or I’d be on the stairs, and we’d get him to do all sorts of different things.”

She said she could have had an argument with him about everything, but that she was not there for that.

“I didn’t really like him, but I wasn ‘Dad’, and I wouldn’t have hurt him,” she explained.

“My mum had been very supportive of him, she was the one that helped him when he needed it, but we didn’t get to spend time together.

He was just me.”

Karen said she felt very protective and supportive of Jonas, who had autism. She said: “I felt so good, he felt so bad, but then he went and did all these things, and now he has all these problems.

I think that was his fault, I think it was his upbringing, and not my choice.”

Killing time: Jonas and his siblings were all in school together.

Karen said she would have a cup at breakfast and a cup later on. 

‘It’s like a second family’After her sons diagnosis, Karen said Jonas was very lonely. 

When her sons were growing up, they had lots of friends, but Karen said it was not until her son started school that they had a normal life. 

Karen recalled: “It was very difficult for him. 

He was really alone. 

I don’t know how much he slept, I don, I remember I used a mattress, I’d lay there with the mattress on the floor, and then I’d wake up in the middle of the night.

He used to say to me, ‘Do you remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep?’ and I’d say, ‘Yes, I have’.” She added: He used to be really shy, and his behaviour was really difficult for me.

He would say to my mum, ‘Mommy, why are you sitting here?’

I said, ‘Well, I can’t sleep, I’m scared.”

He was the happiest kid on earth’Karen described Jonas as being very shy.

She said:’I would go home and sit on the sofa and watch him sleep, and at night, I would put my foot down on

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