Yara Shahidi’s parents: We’re not a terrorist family

Yara Shahidi’s mother, who has been in custody since the December 5 shooting, has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against her former fiancé and her husband, alleging she was unlawfully detained for months while they searched for the shooter.

Shahidi, a 17-year-old sophomore at Central Michigan University, and her parents are seeking unspecified damages, the Detroit News reported on Thursday.

She told the paper that her parents and other relatives were taken into custody at least six times since December 5.

A court filing from her attorneys, however, did not provide any further details on why they were searched.

“They didn’t search me,” Shahidi told the newspaper.

“They searched my parents and they searched my family, they searched all the people in the neighborhood.”

The Detroit News said the search took place on December 5 at the couple’s home in East Lansing.

The report did not say what led to the search.

Shawidi and her father are both serving a life sentence in federal prison.

She is currently free on bond after pleading guilty to a lesser charge of possessing an unregistered firearm.

She also pleaded guilty to weapons charges in December 2016.

Her mother, Yashar Shahidi, was arrested last month after she and her brother went to a Detroit Walmart to buy ammunition.

Shanahan and her family were charged with a misdemeanor for bringing a loaded gun to the store, but that charge was dismissed.

She pleaded not guilty to that charge and is awaiting trial on the charge of bringing a gun to a gun shop.

She and her son are now being held at the Wayne County Jail on a $3.5 million bond.

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