What songwriters are saying about the song ‘Panda’ and their parents’ parenting style

By Nicky Minaj and Maya RudolfThe song ‘Wild Thoughts’ is the subject of an internet frenzy over the last few days.

Its been covered on the BBC’s Today programme, while an article about it on the website of the Melbourne parenting website Parenting Matters has been shared over 6,000 times.

The song was released in 2012 and it’s the title track from the fourth album Panda Bear.

The track was written by Minaj’s mother, Maya Rudolph, who co-wrote the song with Minaj.

“I love how Minaj writes songs, especially with a child in mind,” Ms Rudolf told The Age.

“It’s such a natural fit for her.

The way she sings it makes it seem like a lot of fun.”

Ms Rudolf’s parents, Nicki Minaj, Nick, and their son, Mason, all play in the band Panda Bear and the song has been used to promote their upcoming tour.

“My mum and dad are really good parents,” Nicki told The ABC.

“It’s just been a really good fit.”

Ms Minaj is also a writer, having written several music videos for music artists including Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

Ms Minaja said the family was also big fans of the band, having recently been introduced to them through a mutual friend.

“They were a really big influence on our music and music videos,” Ms Minaja told The Australian.

“We just love them so much.”

Ms MINAKI: ‘They were very good parents’The song has also been used in a video for the song, “Wild Thoughts”, which is released on the Panda Bear website.

The video was filmed by Nicki and her husband Mason in a studio with their son in a lab coat.

“We were really lucky to have such great parents,” Ms MINAKA said.

“Their kids were in the same room and it was so important that they were in there with their kids.

They were really good.”

Ms minaj said she loved the music video and that her parents were very supportive of their kids’ interests.

“Our kids really love music, they love video games, they really love acting,” Ms minaj told the ABC.

She said that she would not mind sharing her family’s story if she could be part of it.

“The most important thing to me is that I get to share my music, my story, my life, and I love that,” MsMINAKA told the Australian.

“But I love to make sure my kids have their own little piece of history that they can share with their parents.”

The video of her parents has been viewed over 5 million times.

Ms MINAHNDA: ‘Their kids are in the room and they are really happy’Nicki and Maya shared their story with a series of videos and interviews with Australian radio station Radio 2.

“When they were playing music and we were sitting there in a small room, we were so happy,” Ms Maya told the station.

“That was the first time we were really feeling really happy, because we knew that the song was really good, so it was really exciting for us to make it our own.”

Ms Maya said her parents taught her how to make music, and that she had a very easy time writing songs.

“For me, my mum taught me to play piano and I had a piano teacher at the time, so I was really able to learn how to write songs,” she said.

Ms Maya has said that her music is influenced by her parents, including Nicki.

“She taught me that she likes to make songs,” Ms Mazaneda told the radio station.

Ms Mazanesa said her favourite song is “Wild Hearts”, which she wrote with her parents.

“Wild Hearts is really just an anthem for us, and it just shows the joy that we feel in our lives and the happiness that we can have,” she told the Radio 2 show.

“A song like that, you can really see what it means to us.”

Ms Mazineda said that while the song might be about her parents and her own experiences, she would also like to have a song that represents her family.

“All of our family has the same passion and love for music and it means a lot to me that my parents are in a band that’s making music for kids,” she explained.

“Music is so important to us.

I think that song, like all of my music videos, is very much a reflection of my family.

It’s a story of our parents, and we want to tell a story about my parents.”

Ms Rachel Minaj also shared a story from her childhood with the Radio Radio program.

“If I had the chance to do a song about my father and my mum, it would be called ‘Dad, Dad, Dad’, and it would reflect the love and affection

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