When the sun shines, you can breathe the air

Leonardo DiCaprio, who famously had to go into the shade in his own movie to get his breathing under control, says he was in “great pain” when the sun came out in Beijing.

DiCaprio has taken to social media to explain the decision to go out to eat at an Asian restaurant in Beijing, after which he was taken to hospital with a cold and had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days.

“I just felt extremely tired and I couldn’t breathe,” he told CNN.

“The sun came up, and I didn’t want to go outside so I just tried to keep my mouth shut.”

“So I started to talk to my wife and she told me that it’s OK, I’m going to have to eat in the restaurant, I will be OK.”

DiCapio was then taken to a Beijing hospital for the cold and was later discharged.

He’s since returned to the States, and his doctors say they’re now expecting him to be back to normal soon.

Dicaprio, an American, has been vocal about the issue of air pollution in China.

“You can breathe air for as long as you want in Beijing and there’s no limit,” he tweeted.

“But if you live in Beijing you should start to think about your future.

I was in great pain, and it was only because I wanted to be there that I was able to take a walk.””

When the sun comes out, you go outside and it’s fine, but if you’re inside, you’re not going to be able to breathe for days.”

DiCarlo has since taken to Twitter to explain why he did not want to take the risk of eating in the Chinese restaurant.

“My wife and I had to wait at a restaurant, which was outside the restaurant in a park, for about a minute.

When the restaurant closed, we had to get in a car, and the drive home,” he wrote.”

After we got in the car, we were in terrible pain, which is why I didn

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