Why you should stop reading this

and go read this article right now article Why you shouldn’t.

You know you should, right?

There’s no need to read this.

You’ve seen all the other articles about this.

It’s the same story you’ve heard countless times before.

A lot of people read the articles about how to make your kids happier, better people.

The article will be like a list of guidelines for kids who want to make it to the top.

The articles about what to do when you’re feeling down, or how to deal with bullies.

The one about what’s going to happen when you lose your job, or when your parents are diagnosed with cancer.

These are all the same articles.

It won’t make any difference to you, because you already know what’s the best way to make the most of your time, right now.

This article is about how you can make your life easier, and more enjoyable.

You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

This will be the perfect place to begin.

There’s one very important thing you need to know about the article.

The author has no clue what the heck he’s talking about.

No one is going to be able to tell him anything about the topic that doesn’t already exist in their own lives.

So don’t read it.

I know it’s hard to believe, but this is the best article I’ve ever written for a reason.

You have the ability to make a life-changing decision right now, and the best life-ending decision you’ve ever made.

This is the life you want to live.

If you haven’t already, get on the phone with your friend and tell him or her you want the article, and then ask them to check out this article.

If it’s anything like the first one, you’re going to want to share this article with as many people as possible.

It’ll be a powerful reminder that even if you have no idea what’s in this article, there are some things you can do right now to make yourself happy and happier.

The main difference is that this one article is written for everyone.

It was written by people who have a lot of experience and knowledge about making the best of your life.

They’ve read and talked to tons of people, and they know a lot about what makes them happy and what makes people sad.

They’re experts in the area of happiness.

You should listen to what they have to say.

So if you want this article to be the best you can ever get, you have to take some time to listen to their advice.

It will help you decide how you want your life to change.

And that’s why I decided to do something really simple to get you started.

I’ll show you how you might ask the question “what should I do to make my life better” in this very simple article.

In short, it’s about giving yourself permission to think about your happiness and make your own decisions.

It is about making your own choices about what you want from life, and what you don’t want from your life, in a way that will help make your best life possible.

You will feel more confident, more productive, and ultimately, more fulfilled.

This isn’t going to make you happy.

It isn’t a recipe for making your life better.

But you should make it easier for yourself.

It could be as simple as asking yourself: what’s really important in my life right now?

Do I want to be happy?

If the answer is no, it might be time to take a step back, look at what the right thing is, and figure out how to get there.

This kind of thinking is what I call “creative thinking.”

It’s not necessarily about making a specific decision or plan for yourself; it’s really about allowing yourself to do whatever you want in your life right here, right this minute.

I’m not suggesting that you get your life straightened out by reading this.

I certainly don’t think you should.

You’re not going to feel happier by reading it.

You can have your life in order, if you so choose.

But that’s the point.

The reason why this article is so important is that the people who write these articles don’t have to do that.

They have to be free to make their own choices.

It would be like if a company offered free lunch to everyone who was on the mailing list for its latest product.

The only requirement is that you read the product and give it a chance.

You might not be happy about that.

It might even hurt you, but you should do it anyway.

There are many reasons why this is a good thing for you.

It may make you happier.

It can make you feel better about yourself.

The key is to get yourself to make this decision.

You won’t know if it will be good or bad until you do it.

That’s the real reason this is important: If you don.t do it right now you’re not helping

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