How the Hollywood potter’s pot-smoking parents are forcing the rest of us to accept it

A year after their child, Harry Potter, died, the parents of the now-retired actor and former child star are still struggling to accept the truth.

On Friday, the father of the late Potter said that he and his wife, the actress Patricia Heaton, had stopped smoking pot.

The Heatons are now the only family in the world who do not smoke marijuana, and it was the only reason they decided to give up pot in the first place, they said.

“The only reason we stopped smoking marijuana was that we thought that if we stopped it, we’d get cancer,” Heaton told the Los Angeles Times.

“There was nothing else to lose.

If we stopped using marijuana, we were not going to get cancer.”

Her parents’ decision was based on their research, Heaton said, adding that they did not want their daughter’s death to be an “unfortunate side effect.”

“I was not going on about my life with her and her family,” Heaten said.

“I was talking about the things that I was going to do to the future of my children.”‘

We are trying to figure out what’s right’In a letter to the Los Angles Times, Patricia Heatons’ son said his parents’ struggle to live up to the “heroic ideals” they had set for their child’s life was a “big, big mistake” and “one of the biggest regrets of my life.”

The letter, addressed to Hollywood producer Joe Weisberg, says the Heatons have “grown accustomed to the idea that our children are heroes and we are trying for them to live life as heroes.”

But they feel they “have been blindsided” by the Hollywood star’s death.

“We have grown accustomed to being a hero in Hollywood and the Hollywood way of doing things,” Heatons said.

But, he said, “I think our parents are trying really hard to figure it out.”

“We are struggling to figure this out, and the reason for this is because they are not the ones who are responsible for her death,” Heatsons said, citing his parents and their partner, David Blanchard, who died in May of cancer.

“She is now, unfortunately, the victim of the choices of the people in charge.”

We are doing our best to figure that out,” he added.

We are trying very hard to find a way for her to get the help that she needs.””

We don’t have any plans for her anymore.

We are trying very hard to find a way for her to get the help that she needs.”

But Heatons told the Times that the family is “very concerned” about the possibility that his parents might be able to “take their daughter back to Hollywood” as a way to save her life.

“That is what I’m concerned about,” he said.

And they are “not trying to be hero-worshiping” either, he added, but rather “we are trying hard to see the world through a new, less heroic lens.”‘

Our whole family is trying to find out what is right’The letter ends with Heatons saying he is “devastated” about what his parents are going through and that they are trying “to figure out” what is “right.”

“Our whole household is trying really, really hard” to figure what is not right, he told the newspaper.

“I feel like there is a lot of blame to go around,” Heatesons said about his parents.

“Our entire family is struggling to find something that is right.”

“The fact is, we are not living up to our ideals and our whole family has struggled with that for years and years.”

He added that the couple’s “greatness was not the result of any one thing,” but that it was “a result of many.”

“It is a very hard thing to come to terms with,” Heatmans’ son added.

“This is a life lesson for everyone, not just Harry and Patricia.”

Heatons, who also starred in “The Dark Knight” trilogy, has a son, Joseph, and two daughters, Zoey and Molly.

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