Why Donald Trump’s Parents Are the Parents of the Future

Donald Trump is the parents of the future, but not in the way he’d like.

He’s not your average parent.

His father was a political figure.

His mother is a prominent figure in the political world.

He loves playing with his younger siblings and has adopted a penchant for the occasional “Daddy Time.”

A study released this week by a national think tank suggests that, despite his political rhetoric, the real-estate mogul and reality TV star is not the father of his children.

The Center for the Study of Parents and the Children, a research organization at the University of Wisconsin, found that Trump’s parents had a significantly higher likelihood of having a “positive” or “generally supportive” impact on their children than other families.

That means they were more likely to engage in positive behaviors like reading, listening and spending time with their children.

Trump’s parents, the researchers found, were more than twice as likely as other families to report that their children had “benefits” in the home, such as positive behavior, positive relationships with other family members and positive behavior from teachers.

The report is based on interviews with 2,500 parents and children from 1,000 American cities.

The researchers analyzed data on parental behavior, health and well-being, and child development over 10 years from 1996 to 2014.

The study examined children and families from three groups: the most highly educated, who were more inclined to participate in the study, and families in which parents were either divorced or separated.

In the more educated groups, the study found that parents who had a college degree were more positive and involved in their children’s lives than parents who were not educated.

In addition, children in the more highly educated groups reported a greater amount of “beneficial” or positive interactions with their parents than children in other groups.

The study also found that the most affluent and wealthy parents were more involved in the children’s life than other parents.

But the study did not examine parents with children in poverty, which could indicate that some of the negative impact on children is due to other factors.

Among the study’s findings: Parents who are not educated were more apt to be supportive of their children, but their positive interactions were less likely than their less educated counterparts to be reciprocated.

A “positive parenting style” is defined as one that involves more positive behaviors and relationships than negative ones.

There was a positive correlation between the number of positive behaviors reported by parents and the amount of positive interactions their children experienced.

Parents who were engaged in positive interactions had less negative interactions with other parents and more positive interactions themselves.

One reason for the findings: the children of parents who are educated are more likely than other children to be in positive relationships.

This, the report noted, is particularly true for children from highly educated families.

The researchers also found a positive relationship between parent satisfaction and the number and quality of positive interaction reports a child had with their parent.

That’s a finding that could be beneficial to Trump’s children.

It’s also possible that parents in these high-poverty and low-income families are more inclined than other family types to say that their child had positive interactions.

The more positive a parent’s interactions are, the more likely that the child will be motivated to pursue more positive relationships, the research found.

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