‘I have a child with autism, and I want her to know that I love her’

I am a proud parent.

I am proud of my daughter Paige.

But I have a hard time believing that she could not possibly be autistic.

I am not sure how I would describe the emotions I felt as a parent of a child like Paige.

I know she was a hard worker and always looked forward to school.

She was a gifted student and a member of a close-knit community.

I have spent a lot of time with Paige and we share many of the same interests.

But Paige is different than I thought she would be.

We have been close friends since she was 4 years old.

We even used to ride the bus together to and from school together.

I believe she is very bright, but I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Paige is a special child and she is a little girl.

I don’t think she needs to be diagnosed.

The truth is that she is unique.

She is unique in many ways and it is not something that is easy to diagnose.

She has a strong personality, she is social, she loves to be with others, she likes to play and loves to sing.

I want to help her understand that there are no shortcuts.

She deserves better.

In April, Paige was born to a family of four.

She had been a stay-at-home mother for years and was finally getting the support she needed.

But her mother was working a part-time job and needed to be home at least twice a week to care for her and her baby.

I was working with my friend, Tristan, and our daughter, Madison, and they decided that we needed to have a visitation.

I got the phone call.

The day before, Trish had called Paige, asked if she was ready for her first visit.

Paige’s mom, who had been working part-timers for years, had just taken a day off and needed a day to herself.

Paige told her that she was coming in to pick up her baby and was excited.

She wanted to go on a hike and hike her friends.

But as Paige walked in, Tris mom asked if Paige would like to stay with her.

I said, I would love to take her in.

But the mother of Paige said, “No, no, no.

You can stay with me, you can stay here.”

She said, Paige will be fine.

I told Paige that my mom was the one who was doing the visitation, but she was not OK with it.

I explained that I wanted Paige to be able to see her friends and to go with her to her activities.

She looked at me and said, mom, I have to do it.

So I walked Paige into the room and the mother began to cry.

Tris mother had no idea what was happening.

Paige and Madison had been doing their activities together for weeks and she was concerned.

I had to reassure her that this was not going to be difficult.

Tristan was there to talk with her and to let her know that she had made a choice and was safe with her child.

She said that she loved Paige and was very grateful that she would get to be there with her, so I did not have to tell her what I had done.

Paige was not ready for this.

I asked Paige to stand and let me hold her in my arms and let her feel my arms around her.

The mother said, no she can’t be with me.

I pushed Paige to her feet and hugged her.

Paige stood up and walked out of the room.

I took Paige into my arms.

I could see her excitement.

I did it.

The next day, Paige’s mother said that Tris had let Paige go.

I realized that she didn’t realize what Paige was going through.

Trish was angry and frustrated.

She told Tris that Paige was very excited to see me and that she felt like Paige was doing well.

Trus mother told Trish that Paige would not be there, that I was putting her at risk, that she needed to leave.

Trist says that Paige had just finished a video for a school project.

Trism says that she went over to Paige and said that Paige wanted to be in a video.

Tristic asked Paige if she wanted to do something else.

Paige said she did not want to do anything else.

Trises mother, who was on a business trip, said that it would be a good thing for Paige if I stayed with Paige.

Trispary told me that Paige has a lot going on and that her mother wanted to stay.

Paige has not been on her own for long.

Triscaries mother told me later that Trist had given Paige some money.

I thought that Paige should be able take care of herself and her family.

Paige seemed like a sweet girl.

I never imagined that Paige could be a problem for me.

She could be so loving, caring and funny.

But Tris has never

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