Ben Stiller’s parents ‘very upset’ after her arrest

Ben Stillers parents are ‘very, very upset’ over her arrest on suspicion of being an armed terrorist.

The mother of a five-year-old girl has called for a ‘fair trial’ for her daughter after she was released from custody on Thursday.

Bridget Stillers said she was ‘taken into custody by the police because I was an armed extremist’ after allegedly attacking a police officer and stabbing two officers.

The 24-year old from Dorset, who was arrested by officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command (CTC) on Thursday afternoon, was later released without charge after police said they found a ‘good-quality’ gun.

She was arrested for the alleged assault on the officer and police said she had ‘good links’ to a group called ‘Operation Blacklist’ and had ‘written a manifesto’ about the organisation.

“My daughter is still at home, and she’s very upset.

I’m not sure why,” she told local newspaper the Dorset Gazette.”

I think she has been taken into custody because of the political content of the manifesto and the political affiliations of the people who have been arrested.”

But I’m very angry about it because I think there’s a lot of good people who’ve been arrested.

“The CTC said it was not aware of the ‘good quality’ gun in question and that the weapons used in the attack had not been manufactured or exported in the UK.

However, Ms Stillers mother said she did not believe that her daughter was an extremist and insisted she was being treated fairly.”

It was just a stupid and stupid attack.

I don’t think it was political or anything,” she said.”

There was no justification for it.

I mean, it was stupid and ridiculous, but I don

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