Why Zayn Malik is still getting paid for his music and the future of the genre

By now, you’ve probably heard of Taylor Swift’s song ‘Blank Space’, the latest track from the singer’s fifth studio album, The Life of Pablo.

And that’s not all, the song also features the names of her four children, ages 18 to 21, including a toddler called Zayn.

But this week the singer announced on Twitter that she would be starting a campaign to make sure the children of musicians and other artists do the same.

“I know that our generation has grown up with a lot of artists and their children and that’s really hard to do, to see their lives come full circle, but we’ve got to do something,” she wrote.

“And for artists, especially the children, it’s important to show them how much they mean to their families.

It’s important for them to know they are valued and respected.”

So how can we be part of that?

“We need to help them see that the world is their playground, that they can come to any music school and learn about music and share their stories and share in the success,” she continued.

“And they should be proud of it.

They should be happy.”

The campaign was launched by the Taylor Swift Foundation on Sunday, and will be running until May 20.

As well as asking for the children’s names, it will ask that artists’ fans donate a set amount to a charity of their choice.

“We know we have to keep it going, and it’s going to be a long process,” Zayn told the BBC.

“It’s a lot to ask.

Zayn said the goal is to give every musician the opportunity to get paid, but the foundation will also work to support children and other musicians by raising awareness and raising funds for charity.””

The biggest thing we need to do is support other artists and music schools so they can be more successful.”

Zayn said the goal is to give every musician the opportunity to get paid, but the foundation will also work to support children and other musicians by raising awareness and raising funds for charity.

“Every artist has a family, and so I would love to help other musicians,” she said.

“So we’ll be looking at the way we work with them.

We’ll look at our own experiences.

We can’t do everything, but at least we can make a difference.”

The foundation is encouraging people to support the cause by visiting its website and donating to the campaign, as well as tweeting about it and sharing it on social media.

“This is something that should be given the chance for all artists to have a voice and it shouldn’t be just an idea that is being thrown around,” the foundation’s head of music, Chris Miller, told the ABC.

“When I talk about the Taylor family, I think of the children and the music they listen to.

And it’s something that they should feel proud of.”

Zahra Naeem, a 17-year-old who recently released her first solo album, ‘My Beautiful Name’, told the broadcaster that her parents were thrilled with her decision.

“My parents are super supportive,” she told ABC.

“They have been in the music business for a long time and are just so happy for me to be able to do this.”

They were really happy that they were able to support me and get my music out there and that they have something to show for it.

“The Swift Foundation said it hoped the campaign would encourage people to get involved.”

It is important to remember that music is not a commodity,” a spokesperson said.”

Music is a way of life for many people.

It is something we share with our friends, families and colleagues.

“People who support and listen to music and are interested in supporting music schools can make the difference to ensuring that these children grow up in a safe and loving environment.”


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