How to love your child with autism

Parents and teachers across Australia are working hard to create a safe and supportive environment for children with autism spectrum disorder.

We need to do our best to be safe and respectful and make sure that all children with ASD have the opportunity to thrive in a healthy and safe environment,” the National Autism Alliance’s Yara Shahidi said.

Ms Shahidi says parents and teachers need to ensure that children with developmental disabilities are able to play and explore freely and safely, and that children are not isolated from other children.”

We need people to be aware of the fact that children who are autistic can be more vulnerable than people who are not, that there are consequences to autism and that there is a need to be supportive,” she said.”

And the most important thing is to provide that support.

“Read more about autism in Australia:Parents are being urged to encourage their children to take part in activities that support their ASD and encourage social interaction, such as reading and speaking to friends and family.

Ms Shawidi said parents needed to understand that they had an important role to play in helping their child learn to play.”

Autism is a developmental disorder, and so we need to educate our kids to understand their strengths and weaknesses,” she told Al Jazeera.”

They need to know that there’s different ways to play, different ways of talking, different behaviours that they can have.

And I think it’s a big part of teaching them how to interact with people and the things that they want to do, and to have fun and to be in the world.

“A key to successful social and communication skills for ASD childrenMs Shahid said autism was a learning disability that affected all children.

Parents and teachers are also working together to support their children in learning the skills that can be used to build successful relationships with other children, and improve their social skills.”

There are so many ways that people can help with autism, so many things to look at and learn,” Ms Shahid added.”

When you work with a lot of different people it can be really challenging to find the right things to help with that, but there are a lot that you can do.

“In the past year, the National Autistic Society has been involved in a major project to help schools and schools boards across Australia create safe and inclusive learning environments for children.

In September, the association and its partners, the Australian Association of School and College Leaders, were invited to visit schools across the country.

The association’s chairperson, Karen Edwards, said schools needed to be “re-educated” on the importance of social skills, communication and safety.”

The school and school board have a huge responsibility to ensure the safety of their students, and they should be able to teach those values to their staff, who are also involved in the curriculum,” she explained.”

These skills, they’re a big learning resource for all of us, whether we’re autistic or not.

It’s a critical part of learning.

“In October, the Association of Schools and Schools also hosted a conference to discuss how to build a safe, inclusive learning environment for all children in Australia.”

It’s a huge opportunity to work together, we’re not all going to agree on everything,” Ms Edwards said.


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