Why you should care about NICOLA’s parents

NICOLAH’s parents are the subject of a story in this week’s National, and this week we’ve got an exclusive interview with them. 

Nicole Richie and her husband John are parents to four children.

Nicole has been the head of NICOLAC, the governing body for the children’s health program.

She has been with the organisation for about seven years, and she has been on the NICOLAN board since 2015.

John and Nicole met in the 1980s when Nicole was working in an advertising agency and she was working as a journalist and then an editor at a magazine.

“I had an ad in The Australian and it was about NICCOLA.

I didn’t know what the hell was going on and I was like, ‘This is the most fantastic opportunity ever,'” John recalls.

As the couple went to look at the ad and the stories they found out about NICCO.

They thought, ‘well we could get married and start a family’.” Nicola was a full-time NICCO volunteer.

She said she didn’t want the family to be separated, and the two of them had the idea of having a child.

Her mother, Sue, was a single mother with two children.

Her husband was in the military and the family didn’t have the money for childcare, so they decided to get married.

The couple married in 1992 and the couple have three children.

But I think we all have to start somewhere. “

There were no jobs, and no work to look after the children,” she says.

“But I think we all have to start somewhere.

And I think having a mother in the workforce is the first step towards having a family.

It’s been a good journey, it’s been really hard, but we’ve made it and we’re doing really well.

There’s still so much work to do, so much more to do.”

Nicolas says the family have been successful in the NICCO program, and her own role is to be an advocate for the program.

 “I’m the lead counsellor, and I do what I can,” she explains.

Read more about NICIA’s parents: NICOLIA’s mothers have been on NICCO since 2011, and their experience with the program has been extremely positive.

A few years ago, the children of NICO parents had to move out of the NICH facility because of their mother’s illness.

When she passed away, Nicole and John took over the care and feeding of the children.

The children now live with their grandmother in Canberra.

But despite the positive stories, Nicole says there are still challenges.

“There’s a lot of challenges,” she said.

While there have been a lot more opportunities for the family, she admits that NICCO isn’t for everyone.

NICOLA and NICCO’s parents met on the way to work, and that’s the first thing they learned.

You can follow Nicole and her family on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

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