How to talk about your kid’s basketball game with a dad

I’m not the type of person who watches his kids play a basketball game.

I’m the type that likes to be entertained.

I like to watch their basketball games on TV, so that’s what I do.

But my kids, as a matter of fact, I like watching their basketball on TV a lot.

I’ll watch a couple games a week, and I’ll try to watch a lot of their games.

The thing that makes it hard for me to watch my kids’ games is they’ve always been like that.

I don’t think it’s ever changed.

If anything, I think they just grew up.

They’ve always wanted to be part of a team, so to be able to see them on the court and be part a team and be around them, it’s a little bit more special.

And they’ve had great mentors that have helped them along the way.

I was always proud of them.

But then the season started and it started getting more difficult to watch them on TV because they’re always on the phone.

They’re always texting, and it’s like, oh my God, my kids are doing this.

But they don’t want to be on the floor.

I think that’s because they’ve been through so much.

It’s tough for them to do it.

So I’m just like, ‘Let’s go watch this game, and let’s be like, you know what?

We’ll watch this, we’ll see what happens.

This is great.

This will be OK.’

And it’s great.

And then once they get home and get to bed and they go to sleep, they get up, and they do it again, and again.

It gets better and better.

And once they’re done, they’re like, we did it!

So they’re going to do better.

They have a great dad.

That’s the main thing that they do, is they’re just going to make it a good experience for the kids, to have their dads there.

That has helped them.

And it gives them the motivation to get better.

It helps them be the best that they can be.

I mean, they can’t even talk about their dad.

They’ll just be like the first thing they do.

They want to just do that, and that’s their whole motivation.

They just want to play basketball, and to be the player that they are.

And I think a lot the pressure of being the best is off them.

It comes from the fact that they’re watching their dad, who is so important to them.

When they have him there, they just want him there.

They never want to leave the floor, because they want to go out there and play.

They don’t like to leave.

They stay.

That is the biggest part of it.

And he is so supportive of them, and he just really is a great father.

He wants them to be successful, and when they do well, he will be happy about that.

And that’s just what they want.

I can tell you the first year they started to have some success, and the second year, they were playing well, and then they got the pressure on them.

I have to say, I have no doubt they are on the right track.

They are, and their coach is just so supportive.

It is tough.

But it’s going to be OK.

And the pressure just kind of lifts off of them and then the pressure goes away.

It just depends on how well they are playing, how they are mentally, and how they’re dealing with the pressure.

And as long as they’re playing well and playing well with their teammates, I don- I’m happy for them.

They will always have a role on the team.

I just think that it’s the best thing for them, for them as a whole, and hopefully, it’ll help them to succeed.

And their father will always be the one to thank for that.

It does help to have that support.

I know it’s hard, because it’s tough, but the support that you have for your kids, that you give them, that gives them an understanding of what’s expected of them is so crucial.

You want to see that in your kids.

And you want them to have the same expectation of being on the winning team, that they did for you.

So they can understand it and be able make better decisions.

It will help them, because now they’re making better decisions for themselves.

You can tell the difference when you watch them play, when you see the effort that they put in.

That just shows you the level of professionalism that they’ve reached.

I love the way that they have, and all the other kids do, but I think the most important thing is to get the best out of them as players, and you have to show them that.

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