How to tell if your child is a fwiddid parent

A mum who is worried about her daughter’s fwiddle-loving ways says she should be ashamed and should take her seriously.

Monique Devereaux said her daughter and her older sister have taken to calling each other “little fwids” or “little girls”.

“The girls are so mean and bullying, they don’t want to go to school,” she said.

Ms Devereux said the girls were “really angry and sad” about the way they were treated at school.

“The way they treat us, it’s not OK,” she told

“They’re really angry, they’re really upset and they don’st want to get to school and go back to the house.”

She said her daughters had started acting out at school and was “really upset about that”.

Ms Deveaux said she had called the school and they had sent a letter explaining that the girls should stop bullying each other and that the school had been told they could not bully other children in the school.

She said the school was “not happy” and “tried to get rid of them”.

“I’m so sad and I want to stop them,” Ms Devereau said.

“I want them to stop it.”

My daughter, she was so nice to them.

She didn’t even touch them.

“She was just kind of, I don’t know, she’s a little fwid.”

Ms Devenetaux said it was “very sad” the girls had started behaving in this way and “very disrespectful”.

“They don’t understand that there’s another option, there’s a different way, there are options out there.”

You don’t have to be a fiddle-widdle girl to be able to learn to read, write and do maths.

“The school’s head of development, Emma Higgs, said she was aware of the issue and was working with parents to make sure it didn’t happen again.”

We do know there’s different behaviours that might be in our schools that are not acceptable, so we have a very clear protocol around that,” she added.”

And that’s a very good thing.

“Parents have raised concerns about their children’s behaviour on social media.

But Ms Deveau said she wanted her daughter to learn how to read.”

If she’s really unhappy at school, and I know she is, I want her to be in a safe environment where she’s not going to be bullied,” she explained.”

But if she’s feeling angry and hurt and sad at school then that’s the worst.

“The girls’ mother said the family did not want to take their daughter to school.

But the school said they would have to see a psychologist before a recommendation could be made for their school to intervene.”

Ms Lopiscus said the parents had been in contact with the school, but had not been told about the decision to intervene, and the school could not comment further.””

We know that their children are learning from our approach and we hope that they will learn from it.”

Ms Lopiscus said the parents had been in contact with the school, but had not been told about the decision to intervene, and the school could not comment further.

“It’s a matter for the school to make that decision,” she insisted.

The school is in the process of removing the girls from the school for a “time-limited period” to “avoid any future situations”, she said, and is now consulting with the district to ensure the school stays in compliance.

Ms Lopeis said the students were “inappropriate” and they were a “distraction” to other students.

“There’s no place for that behaviour at our school,” Ms Lopislus said.

She also said it would not be a problem if the children were placed in a separate school.

A spokeswoman for the department of education and training said the department would review the issue with the family to ensure it was handled “appropriately”.


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