Why you should care about NICOLA’s parents

NICOLAH’s parents are the subject of a story in this week’s National, and this week we’ve got an exclusive interview with them. Nicole Richie and her husband John are parents to four children.Nicole has been the head of NICOLAC, the governing body for the children’s health program.She has been with the organisation for about seven years, […]

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What to know about narcissistic parents and their families

My father was a narcissistic parent.He never apologized to me or my sister.He was constantly insulting me, saying he didn’t deserve her love.I tried to ignore him.He’d insult my father.My father used to yell at me for being “too sensitive” and being “weak” and telling me I was “so dumb”.We were taught that it was […]

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How to create a simple dashboard to track the financial health of your parents

My mom and dad are always out shopping, buying clothes and accessories.We’re both really busy and we’re always trying to figure out how to make ends meet.I’m the one who has to make it work, but I love my mom so much.She’s so kind and kindhearted.She works so hard, she’s got so many goals and […]

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How to tell if your child is a fwiddid parent

A mum who is worried about her daughter’s fwiddle-loving ways says she should be ashamed and should take her seriously.Monique Devereaux said her daughter and her older sister have taken to calling each other “little fwids” or “little girls”.“The girls are so mean and bullying, they don’t want to go to school,” she said.Ms Devereux […]

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